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After several years penning songs, performing and producing in the music business, in the year 2000 DJ Shuttle decided to use these varied experiences and launch his own company; "Get On Up Entertainment." Starting out as a one man unit, "Get On Up" has grown into a FULLY INSURED team of 9 music and performance enthusiast with over 100 years of combined party experience.

At "Get on Up" we specialize in catering to the entertainment needs and requests of our clients, providing professionalism and balance of energy and appropriate taste. The DJ's (myself included) do several dozens of events per year including but not limited to Weddings, Proms, Sweet 16's, Holiday, Corporate and Birthday Parties, with no event being to small or to large.

Due to our varied cultural backgrounds and musical knowledge we are equipped to play any sort of music you desire ranging from R&B, Rap, Reggae, Soca & Calypso, Latin, Haitian, Disco, Old School and more while always working with your pre-selected preferences. While the majority of our business falls under Weddings, Proms, and Corporate events, we are very much in tune with all of today's current music and hits subscribing to DJ pools and playing regularly in the NYC area.

Depending on what package your event requires, we can also include additional features such as Lighting, Dancers, Giveaways and an MC to further get your crowd involved and make your event one to always remember. Keep in mind no two events are the same so we will work with you and either follow your lead or guide you in making the right choices for your event.

Allow us to make your social gathering a memorable experience. To request additional information or to book us for an event, please feel free to contact us via telephone or email. We look forward to having the opportunity to make you

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